How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller: A Spa Day in Your Hand

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Last Updated: May 10, 2021

Everyone’s talking about the new must-have beauty item and skin care accessory: the rose quartz roller (as well as other types of gemstone rollers). 

People just can’t stop talking about how it makes their skin feel years younger and gives their face a radiant glow, not to mention the item itself is quite beautiful. But is all the hype really worth it? Can these pretty little accessories really perform miracles for your skin?

Below, we’ll dive into what a quartz roller is as well as how to use a rose quartz roller. 

What is a Rose Quartz Roller?

Rose quartz rollers are a type of facial roller made to massage your face, relieving muscle tension and improving your complexion. Crystal minerals like rose quartz are often used in rollers because of their benefits to the skin. Rose quartz is supposed to help unclog your heart chakra which will release stress and tension that can cause wrinkles

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

This beauty item has a ton of benefits, so let’s dive into what a rose quartz roller can do. 

Lymphatic Drainage

While it may not sound like the most pleasant procedure, lymphatic drainage can actually do a lot of good for your face. 

It’s a form of massage which pushes fluids to your lymph nodes, processing them and flushing them out of your system. This gives you a brighter complexion and reduces skin irritation. Also, it just feels pretty good.

Skin Circulation

A rose quartz roller is an excellent way of giving yourself a facial massage, allowing the blood and oxygen to flow better. 

After a long day of talking and smiling, your facial muscles can feel pretty stiff, which will limit your circulation. This can lead to a puffy face, headaches, and increased tension. 

Sometimes, a little time spent with the rose quartz roller at the end of the day is just the thing to get you to relax.

Minimize Puffiness

Hormonal changes, salt in your diet, crying, or a simple lack of sleep can often leave your skin feeling puffy, extenuating wrinkles and pores. 

This usually means excess fluid has become lodged under a superficial layer of skin, which is where a rose quartz roller comes in— it can help work that fluid out, sending it to the lymph nodes so it can be worked out of the system.

Reduce Eye Bags

Allergies, eye-rubbing, make-up irritation, lack of sleep, or simple aging can often cause liquid to become trapped in the soft bits of skin around eyes, leading to eye-bags. 

The small stone on a rose quartz rose roller is perfect for massaging the liquid out of the skin without bruising it or causing further irritation.

Relax Facial Muscles

As mentioned earlier, a rose quartz roller’s primary purpose is as a tool for facial massages, meaning it does a good job of revealing tension, particularly around the eyes and forehead

Massages like this can sometimes be just the thing you need after a particularly long and difficult day.

Evenly Distribute Products

A secondary function of rose quartz rollers is that they are excellent at spreading out cremes and other products evenly, making sure that your entire face gets the proper treatment. 

Just make sure you give the roller a thorough cleaning afterwards, so none of the product gets left behind.

How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller

Now we have a good idea of what a rose quartz roller can really do, but how do you get the best results out of one? Here’s a specific step-by-step for using a rose quartz roller to maximum efficiency.

Step 1: Clean your Face

Before you get out the roller, make sure to wash your face with your favorite moisturizing serum or cleanser. This will make sure your skin is properly prepped for its facial massage.

Step 2: Start at the Neck

The key to getting the massage right is to start at the neck at work your way upward, applying gentle pressure and working slowly. This helps get the blood and oxygen flowing to the rest of the face.

Step 3: Upward and Outward

Once you’ve finished with the neck, slowly work your way upward, starting at the chin and moving outward towards the ears and hairline. 

Be sure to use a light hand; pressing too hard can end up rupturing one of your capillaries, leaving tiny red marks all over your face.

Step 4: Work on the Eyes

If you’re using a double-sided roller, switch to the smaller stone for the delicate area around the eyes

Rolling out the area will help get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, but you need to be careful. Avoid rough movements or pressing too hard, or you’ll bruise the area.

Step 5: Clean your Roller

Be sure to sanitize your roller with alcohol or soapy water, especially if you’ve used it to apply product. Do not leave the roller in water for long periods of time, or it may start to rust or crack. Facial rollers can be chilled in the refrigerator when not in use.

Most dermatologists and beauty experts recommend using the rose quartz roller once a day, or at least three times a week to get the most out of it.

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide on how to use a rose quartz roller helps you maximize the benefits it provides, like clearing up the complexion and helping release the tension and stiffness we come across on a regular basis. 

Even though some might say facial rollers aren’t as necessary to your skin as cleansers and moisturizers, if you’re looking for a way to give your skin a little extra care each day, this beauty item is an excellent choice. 

So, if you’re looking for a beauty accessory that’s easy to use and can make you feel like you’ve just had a full day at the spa, then a rose quartz roller is definitely a promising option for you!