Double Ponytail Trick in Under 5 Minutes (Quick Tutorial)

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Last Updated: August 11, 2021
double ponytail trick

For those of us with shorter hair, wearing a high ponytail (or even just a normal ponytail) can look depressing. But, this doesn’t have to be how it is! After recently stumbling across the double ponytail trick, I had to share. This hack makes your ponytail look longer and fuller! On top of that, it’s super easy and only takes a couple minutes.

This is ideal for those with shorter hair, but you can take advantage if you have long hair too! No matter what your hair length or type, this trick will make your ponytail look much longer than the typical ponytail.  

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How-To: Double Ponytail 

  1. Section your hair off into two equal parts (horizontally) as if you’re creating a half up half down look. 
  1. Take the top section of your hair and create a high ponytail. Make sure to tie your ponytails tight so they don’t have the potential to fall down. 
  1. To make it look a little more elegant, you can wrap a section of hair around this top ponytail to hide the hair tie. 
  1. Pull your bottom section of hair into a ponytail right underneath this top one. The top ponytail will fall over the bottom ponytail, making your hair look longer!  
  1. If you have fine hair, you might need a little extra volumizing power to make it look good. One way to do this is by using a waver or a curling iron to add a little volume to the hair. If you opt for a curling iron, make sure to brush it out so it’s not too curly. Then, tease both ponytails (lightly) to add more volume. 
  1. Tah dah! It should look like you have one long, full ponytail. Mine looked a little messy, but you can make yours as messy or clean as you’d like. In the last picture, the bottom ponytail can be seen from the side – if you have thinner hair like mine, you can simply do some extra teasing to prevent this.
how to double ponytail trick