19 Cool Face Masks to Stay Safe & Stylish in 2021

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Last Updated: December 17, 2020

While the pandemic has been pretty negative, there is one positive that has resulted from it: cute face masks! Since we’re required to wear masks nearly everywhere we go, why not make it fun? We’ve put together a list of cool face masks that we’re living for!

Cool Face Masks

Ayo and Teo Masks

The Ayo and Teo face mask collection is a wonderful assortment for adults, kids, women and children.

Containing multiple anime-inspired face protectors, these basic masks keep you safe and hip whenever you wear them.

Monkey Face Mask

This face mask is sure to garner a double-take.

Designed to look just like a cute, hairy monkey face, it is a high-quality product that will cause a few chuckles. Masks shouldn’t be boring and this one definitely is not. Plus it comes with a variety of ways to wear it, so you will remain fashionable and safe.

Breathable Face Mask

The UTOTEBAG breathable face mask comes with ventilation valves and is perfect for the modern man or woman who is on the go.

This is the perfect addition for someone who wants to remain active and healthy during the pandemic!

Rainbow Disposable Face Masks

If you’re more of a disposable mask kind of person, there are still some cool face masks for you.

The WeCare disposable face masks come with 50 bright, colorful masks in a pack. This is an excellent daily mask for someone who wants to remain stylish and fun no matter what they are wearing. Each mask has 3 protective layers to keep you and your loved ones safe and will always remain light and breathable.

Random Cool Face Masks Pack

These fun, unique face masks are comfortable, safe and one-of-a-kind.

Made with 2-ply material and 100% poly microfiber, these masks are full of personality and fun. Plus, they are ultra-durable so they won’t fall apart any time soon. What a great deal!

9-Pack Cool Bandana Face Masks

These bandana face masks are perfect for work, leisure or any time you need to step outside.

They are incredibly light, comfortable, and come in a wide selection of fun and unique designs. The material is stretchy and ensure that you won’t feel a headache from the pain of elastic pulling your ears down. Thank goodness.

Shark Teeth Pattern Face Masks

These shark teeth face masks are stylish and soft and oh-so-comfortable.

Made with a wonderful artistic design and washable, reusable materials, each mask is sure to catch peoples’ eyes and are perfect for everyday use.

Dabbing Skeleton Face Mask

Here’s a cool face mask you surely won’t see often.

It is a rare, one-of-a-kind mask featuring a dabbing skeleton. You can’t make this stuff up. This is a remarkable and durable mask that would go great at any outdoor event and is reusable, washable, and incredibly comfortable.

Two Words, One Finger Mask

This face mask is blunt, to the point and honest. We need more of that these days.

The perfect choice for when you are feeling a little prickly and really want people to keep their social distance, this simple face mask says it all.

Tie Dye Face Mask

Tie dye never goes out of fashion and neither do these way-cool face masks.

Made with three layers of protection, each piece is comfortable and safe and designed with such a cool look that people will repeatedly ask you where you got them. Plus each mask comes with a nose wire to keep everything secure and in place.

Husky Face Mask

Made of 100% polyester, this unique face mask is adjustable, reusable, washable and super cute too.

Now you can look like your favorite animal, the dog, all while remaining safe and protected. What more could you ask for?

Sequins Face Covering Set

These bright, fashionable and dazzling face masks are like looking into the beautiful night sky.

They are ideal for any occasion and add a touch of class to every wardrobe. Made with bling rhinestones and durable elastic, you will be wearing these again and again.

Animal Print Bandana Face Mask

Now you can look like a cat, tiger or wolf — all while you remain safe and protected!

These animal print bandana-style face masks are incredibly comfortable, incredibly durable and incredibly unique too. You can wear them as a mask, bandana, scarf, hair band or more and you will definitely catch a few eyes doing so.

Cat Mouth Face Mask

Meow! This super cool cat mouth face mask is made from 100% polyester fiber and contains high-quality elastic too.

The ear straps are soft and the tightness is adjustable. The entire mask is washable and can be used again and again without fading or losing strength.

See Through Face Masks

One of the biggest hassles about wearing face masks is that no one can see your mouth when you talk.

But, this see-through face mask allows friends to see you talk naturally and adds a layer of personality to the face-wearing modern world. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

Baseball Cap With Face Shield

This face mask is ultra-safe and easy to use. It is a solid baseball cap with a detachable face shield.

It guarantees complete protection and is a breeze to put on. One size fits all so you don’t have to worry about finding the right design for you.

Fuzzy Leopard Face Masks

Face masks should be fashionable and comfortable and these fuzzy leopard ones are definitely that.

Bright and playful and fun, these masks add a splash of color to any outfit and are fuzzy and cozy too. Masks shouldn’t be boring! Not to mention, they’re crazy affordable.

Cute Cartoon Face Masks

These cute cartoon face masks are fun, playful and incredibly unique too.

They fit snugly, but not too tight on your face and are washable as well as reusable. Every time you wear one of these masks, you are staying safe while remaining comfortable and fashionable and fun.

Censored Face Mask

These simple, unique face masks are made of quality materials and are comfortable and easy on the ears.

This is definitely sarcastic and ultimately super funny and fun. It is the perfect gift for someone who wants a bit of attitude while remaining safe.