17 Stylish Watch Boxes – Watch Storage 2022

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Last Updated: December 22, 2021

When you have a nice watch collection (or even just a couple of watches you love), odds are you want to display them in style with easy access to them. Watch boxes are a great way to do this! With so many options out there, we’ve found the best watch boxes.

No matter your budget or how many watches you want to store, you’ll be able to find the perfect watch box below!

Best Watch Boxes

Raedaeer 10-Slot Watch Box

This high-quality watch box contains 10 soft removable pillows that provide comfort and safety to your most valuable watches.

With a clear glass lid and plenty of storage space, this will become your favorite way to store your watches. 

Rotating Watch Display Box

This watch box that will look just as amazing as your watch collection!

Not only can it store six watches in the bottom compartments, but you can also feature four watches in the main rotating display. Best of all, you can always see your watches through the glass window!

bestwishes 6-Slot Watch Box

This is a basic, yet beautiful watch box that can hold up to six of your favorite watches in style.

Whether you’re traveling the world or just storing them on your desktop, your collection will remain in perfect condition safe inside this box. 

SRIWATANA 6-Slot Wood Watch Box

This affordable 6-slot wood watch box will remind you how much you love your watches. Easy to travel with and reliable to keep your watches safe, this is a great investment.

The elegant wood design looks like it costs a lot more than it actually does!

Glenor Co 24-Slot Watch Box

For those of us who have a larger watch collection, this 24-slot watch box is a unique and gorgeous way to keep them all in one place. Each slot contains a high-quality pillow that will keep your watch in pristine condition.

Get ready to impress all your friends with this display box!

Houndsbay 10-Slot Watch Box

This oversized watch box holds ten of your favorite watches in an elegant fashion.

Each slot is very comfortable, measuring 60mm each, and they will keep your watches sturdy and safe at all times. To top it all off, the little pillows have a luxurious pattern!

Glenor Co 6-Slot Watch Box w/ Storage

This 6-slot watch box from Glenor Co also comes with a high-end drawer on the bottom where you can store even more accessories, such as sunglasses and cuff links.

This is a one-stop-shop for all of your fashion goods and is made with gorgeous faux leather too. 

Homde Watch & Jewelry Box

This chest has you set on just about everything you need to store all your jewelry and accessories.

The top portion will feature your favorite watches with a convenient mirror, with plenty of store in the bottom drawers and side pull-out shelves for other accessories. It’s even lockable!


CHIYODA Luxury Single Watch Box

If you just need to display a single watch, this box will do it as stylish as can be. It might even be more beautiful than your actual watch!

Not only does it have an cherry wood finish, this box winds the watch with a near-silent motor and 12 rotation modes.

Ohuhu 12-Slot Watch Box

This 12-slot watch box is made with a faux leather case and a clear, gorgeous glass lid so you can see inside and admire your collection.

With comfy pillows for displaying each watch and a buckled lid to ensure it doesn’t fly open, your watches will be safe and sound in this affordable watch box.

Timelybuys Watch Travel Briefcase

Not only is this a watch case, but it’s also a briefcase! This is perfect for when you need to travel with your watch collection.

Finished with a stunning black carbon design and ultimate protection, this one-of-a-kind watch briefcase will have you traveling in style.

Case Elegance Espresso Watch Box

This solid espresso watch box from Case Elegance is a sleek and stunning unit that will hold up to six of your most beloved watches.

With soft pillows inside and a thick and sturdy build, your watches will be safe as ever in this case. It’s also available in a few different wood finish colors to help fit your decor!

Houndsbay Watch Box 

This watch box has it all. It contains six soft slots to hold your watches as well as two extra slots to hold jewelry or other accessories, plus drawers at the bottom for anything else you need to store away.

Best of all, it also holds a charging station to conveniently charge your phone.

Songmics 5-Slot Watch Box

This 5-slot watch box comes with five large, comfortable spaces for your watches to rest.

It also comes with a plush velvet bottom and a creamy, smooth cherry finish on top. It looks like a million bucks, but only costs around $20. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Wolf Designs Luxury Watch Box

Although this is more of a luxury watch box, it’s well worth it if you have a higher budget. The quality is impeccable – this was truly made to hold your watches in style.

It features a strong frame and beautiful sleek finish – it even has a key lock feature to keep your possessions extra safe. 

Triple Tree Watch Winder Box

This watch winder box can hold six watches and wind four as well, meaning that this box does more than most others do.

Your watches will rest like a king on these silky soft pillows inside the box, while also winding around like you’re at a luxury store. It even has an LED light build in!

Wolf 2-Slot Portable Watch Box

To finish off our best watch boxes post, this Wolf 2-slot box is perfect for on-the-go when you want to keep your watches safe.

It features a hard shell on the outside so they don’t get squished, plus a soft suede lining that will prevent any scratches.

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