11 Best Shower Mirrors for Shaving (Fogless Mirrors)

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Last Updated: October 25, 2021

How often do you spruce yourself up while showering, only to find you totally messed it up? A shower mirror is the perfect way to fix this. However, you can’t just put any old mirror in there – you’ll want a fogless or shower-specific mirror. We tried a bunch and picked out the best shower mirrors you can find on the market!

What to Look for in a Shower Mirror?

Fogless: If your shower mirror isn’t fogless, it won’t do you much good once it starts to get hot and steamy. You’ll want a mirror that’s labeled as “fogless” or “fog free” so you know it will be reliable throughout your entire shower.

Comes with a Holder – Most shower mirrors come with a suction cup holder, but you’ll want to make sure this is true before you buy. It would be annoying to receive your mirror, only to need to go out and buy another device to hang it up.

Size + Shape –  This part is all up to you! You can find rectangular, square, or oval-shaped mirrors for the shower. Some are larger and some are smaller, so make sure to read the dimensions before buying!

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Best Shower Mirrors

Shave Well Company Shower Mirror

This shower mirror is all you need if you want to shave in the shower and not miss a single spot.

One of the most affordable and top-rated options out there, it’s no surprise tens of thousands of people love this mirror. It’s almost 7 inches tall and hangs on a suction holder that makes it easy to take off if you want to use it as a handheld mirror.

XoYo Large Shower Mirror 

This large shower mirror gives you plenty of space to see all the little details, plus it never steams up no matter how hot your shower gets.

Wash and shave, with no fear of ever missing a spot again. At almost 12 inches tall, this will look elegant in your shower!

Luxo Round Shower Mirror

This round mirror for the shower is a wonderful bathroom accessory that comes with a powerful suction cup and shatterproof design. Just stick it on and you’re ready to go!

It also has an anti-fog coating that means you will be able to see everything throughout your entire shower.

ToiletTree Deluxe Shower Mirror

Although more expensive than most other options, this high-quality shower mirror is sturdy and it even lights up!

It’s 20% larger than most other shower mirrors and has a fogless design that will prevent steam from getting in the way of a good, clean shave. It is easy to mount and even easier to use, plus it even has a stand for your razor.

ReflectXL Mirror for Shower

This mirror for your shower is another high-quality option that won’t disappoint.

It comes with two stainless steel hooks and an adjustable lanyard so you can hang it exactly where you want and how you want. Are you ready for a clean shave in the shower? This clear, fogless design will give you just that. 

Honeybull Shower Mirror

This mirror is a must-have for anyone who shaves in the shower and is tired of missing spots because of petty fog and steam getting in the way (or because they simply can’t see anything).

Save time and start your day right thanks to this easy-to-install mirror. With a razor holder and strong suction cup, this is everything you need!

OXO Good Grips Shower Mirror

This stainless steel shower mirror is all you need if you want a nice, clean shave every morning.

It is made with a shatterproof, waterproof, and steam-free design – it even comes with a little tray to hold your razors (more than just one).

iDesign Fogless Shower Mirror

An adjustable mirror that can be mounted right to your shower head? Yes please!

This convenient mirror runs no risk of falling, unlike the ones with suction cup holders. It also features a fogless design to ensure you get every spot while shaving.

Mirrorvana Shower Mirror

This black shower mirror from Mirrorvana is a defogged creation that is perfect for any shower.

With a shaterproof design and sleek black finish, you’ll be able to use this helpful tool for a long time. Plus, the strong suction cup will ensure it doesn’t fall!

Command Fog Resistant Mirror

Made by the reliable Command brand, this fog-resistant mirror is everything your shower needs.

No tools are required to install this helpful tool and it will stand up under all sorts of fog and humidity without any problems. It also features a spot to hold your razor!

Fogless Shower Mirror

The Fogless Shower Mirror is a bathroom accessory that will make your next morning shave as good as can be.

It comes with a strong anti-fogging coating and a powerful suction cup that will keep in place at all times. Plus, the stainless steel design makes it look high-end (and a lot more expensive than it is).

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