7 Best Primers for Oily Skin

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Last Updated: May 16, 2022

Anyone with oily skin knows how hard it can be to deal with. When it comes to makeup, a primer for oily skin can make all the difference. It’s also important to take note of other factors that could be causing extra oil production (we’ve shared a few tips at the bottom of the article). That said, keep reading to discover your best primer for oily skin!

Best Primers for Oily Skin

Estee Lauder The Mattifier Shine Control Primer

Estée Lauder’s oil-free, water-based mattifying primer controls oil and shine without drying out your skin. It creates a beautiful canvas for your makeup.

Plus, it helps your makeup stay on for hours without any shine!

Too Faced Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Primer

This top-rated primer is perfect for all skin types, especially oily skin. You can wear it alone to control oil throughout the day or under foundation for a mattifying, long-lasting look.

This also has a cooling effect that feels nice on your face. On top of that, it smells like peaches. What more could you want?

NYX Shine Killer Primer for Oily Skin

The name of this primer should give you hope if you can’t seem to get rid of shine. This go-to primer is affordable while still being super effective. It’s unscented, lightweight, and makes your makeup last all day.

It typically costs under $10. Talk about a deal! You can even finish it off with their matte setting spray for maximum effects.

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Primer

This is one of the most well-known products among those with oily skin. If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth giving a shot! It has over 11k reviews on Amazon, most of which are 5-star reviews.

It helps hide fine lines and wrinkles, all while keeping your skin shine-free throughout the entire day. Plus, it’s cruelty-free.

BECCA Ever Matte Primer for Oily Skin

This shine-proof primer aims to keep makeup matte for up to 12 hours. It helps keep oil at bay while also minimizing pores and ensuring your makeup stays on all day!

Plus, it’s also cruelty-free as well as free of sulfates and phthalates.

e.l.f Poreless Putty Primer

This primer for oily skin has a unique texture that helps keep oil away for longer. It also minimizes pores for a silky smooth look!

Typically priced at $8 or less, this product is so affordable it’s worth giving a shot!

Ellipsis Labs Hyaluronic Makeup Primer

You might find this water-based primer is your holy grail! Ironically, oily skin is often because of lack of skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain moisture.

Overall, this primer will help your makeup last all day without a hint of shine. It’s also very inexpensive at under $10.

Note: Make sure to spot test as your skin could react negatively to the acid.

How to Use Your Oily Skin Primer

Even if you buy the best primer for oily skin, you could have other makeup or skincare habits that cause your skin to be extra oily and shiny. Here are a few additional tips to maximize your primer efforts:

  • Add a mattifying finishing spray to your makeup routine
  • Establish a skincare routine that helps eliminate oil
  • Try out different skincare products and routines recommended for oily skin
  • Consider the skincare products you’re currently using (harsh products can increase oil production)
  • Washing your face too much can actually increase oil production (more than 2x daily is too much)
  • Don’t be afraid to use oils and moisturizer on your skin (they can actually improve oiliness)!
  • Drink plenty of water

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