12 Best Plus Size Leggings for Any Activity and Budget

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Last Updated: September 27, 2021

To be honest, I didn’t get the summer body I was hoping for, so I decided to get a jumpstart on the new year and get back in the gym. I always take the time to find a good pair of leggings, especially since they’re a lot harder to find compared to other plus size clothing. So, I went on a deep dive to find the absolute best plus size leggings. 

I didn’t just want to find leggings that fit, I wanted to make sure they made me feel good while in the gym. Not feeling good at the gym or while working out is one of the reasons I don’t do it! I set out to find leggings that fit great, weren’t see through, had no suffocation, no cameltoes, were breathable, and held it all in. 

So, let’s jump into the best leggings for plus size girls!

Best Plus Size Leggings

Fabletics High-Waisted PowerHold® ⅞

Not only was this my top pick in terms of quality, but it’s also by far the best deal (if you’re making your first purchase with Fabletics). If you don’t know how they work, take a look at our in depth review. It’s basically a subscription – when you first sign up, you get 2 leggings for $24. 

You can cancel easily after the first purchase, otherwise you will be charged again for the subscription (which I actually subscribe to and love, but it’s not as good of a deal as the first-time order).

These fit great, have a strong hold, don’t slip down, are comfy, and are sweat proof as well as squat proof. I want to give kudos to Fabletics for making leggings that fit every shape and size! 

Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Tight

Known as one of the top brands for workout gear, Lululemon finally added plus sizes to some of their clothes and I’m in love!

I tried these and their other two pairs of leggings available in larger sizes (the Fast and Free and Align Pant). Overall, I liked these Wunder leggings best. They fit the best and have an amazing hold.

They definitely are an investment at over $100, but everything I’ve read says they last years and years. In my experience, it’s better to invest in quality. So far, I’ve washed them quite a few times and they still feel brand new, but I will keep you updated if this changes!

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Zella Live In Leggings

Just wow! I would definitely recommend getting a pair of these. The reason I liked these so much was because of how they made me look. They held strong in all the right areas, making my butt and legs look a lot more sculpted.

The fabric was soft and thick, hiding a lot of the smaller imperfections in my legs. It was like using a high-end foundation compared to a drugstore option. 

Slim Fix Premium Legging

I generally don’t agree with “top rated” products, but in this case, I couldn’t agree more. I hold a lot of weight in my lower stomach, making finding good leggings a little tough. I find that the waistband either slides below my stomach or absolutely suffocates me if I put them over my stomach. The Slim Fix held in my stomach without cutting off my circulation. 

If you’re looking to get back in the gym or just want a nice pair of leggings that are comfy to wear anywhere, this is a great option that makes you feel confident.

Miracle Flawless Moto Legging

These are one of the more spendy pairs, but are high quality enough to last a long time, making the price justifiable. Also, if you sign up for their text alerts, you’ll get 40% off your first order, so that makes them much more affordable. 

These are the perfect fall leggings! They are thick, comfortable, warm, and trendy. I honestly feel like I should be under a large knit wool blanket drinking a coffee every time I put them on. 

Being high-waisted, I was worried about the elasticities recovery in addition to them acting as a corset around my midsection. However, the recovery is fantastic and was like new after every wear. The high waist wasn’t a problem; it held everything well while being stretchy enough to maintain comfort.

Miracle Flawless Legging with White Side Stripe

Baggy sweatshirts meet your new best friend! The Miracle Flawless leggings aren’t your average pair or leggings – the quality and detail was definitely at top of the list, which is why you’ll find they are often sold out. 

However, if you happen to come across them when they’re not sold out, make sure to take advantage! The white line down the side provides a slimming effect and makes your legs look more sculpted. 

Roya Cropped Leggings

Before I got these, I had never ordered from Universal Standard, so I was a little hesitant to drop $55 on a pair of leggings. They cover a large range of sizing, which was nice to see. Overall, I was glad I decided to try these out!

One thing I liked about these leggings were that they stretched well in the waist – the waistband is thicker than most other leggings I tried, so they didn’t slide down and weren’t noticeable on my stomach most of the time.

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket Tight

When you pull these out of the package, you will wonder how the %$*# will these fit. Don’t worry, these leggings hold magical powers and will fit you perfect (not too thick and not too thin). They are perfect for exercising or just sporting the athletic look! Nike or Adidas sweatshirt, some sneakers and Athleta leggings? I think so. 

The price might be hard to swallow, but these are truly an investment and will last a long time. These were also one of the only leggings I liked that had natural-looking pockets.

Just My Size Plus Size Legging

At only $13, these are affordable and the quality is better than you’d think. They’re also comfortable with great stretch! You can’t beat the price and perfect if you’re just looking to dip your toe in the water, not jump off the deep end and drop $80 on a pair of leggings. 

NOTE: The seam is right up the crotch so you will probably have a little camel toe action going on. However, if you plan on wearing a baggy shirt or sweatshirt with these, it shouldn’t be an issue.


Spectrum Yoga High Waist Legging

I want to start off by saying these are great quality and can offer a lot for those just looking for a comfortable legging that you don’t work out in. 

My only issue with these was that if you get any color other than black and work out in them, it will look like you’re a human hose! I got the pink and within 30 min of working out, it looked like I peed my pants. I returned them and got black, these were much better! They’re also fine if you’re just looking to wear them for non-athletic reasons.  

Under Armour Heat Gear Cropped Leggings

If you’ve been actively working out and have made it a part of your lifestyle, these are perfect for you. 

I wouldn’t recommend these to someone that’s just getting into fitness, the major pros of these are the movement and moisture technology. They’re not the cutest, but they do what they’re designed to do!

Danica Mesh Legging – Ivy

After falling in love with the royal cropped leggings from Universal Standard, I thought I’d try their other plus size leggings and I was pleasantly surprised with these.

Although these have mesh on the thighs, I found that these were the perfect leggings for any activity! We all know how much I love dual-purpose clothing. 

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