10 Best Natural Dandruff Shampoos for Flake-Free Hair

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Last Updated: May 5, 2021

Everyone hates dandruff, but unfortunately, nearly everyone experiences it at one point or another. Shampoos like Head & Shoulders can work, but they contain a lot of ingredients you may not want to put in your hair. Luckily, you can find some great natural dandruff shampoos that help get rid of the problem for good!

We’ll be sharing the best natural dandruff shampoos below (based on extensive research as well as our own trial and error). 

If you want to do your own research as well, the EWG Skin Deep database is a great place to search for the healthiest products. 

Before we dive into it, we also highly recommend a shampoo brush to use while washing your hair. 
This brush cleans the scalp and helps get rid of build up. It also stimulates your hair follicles, which can help improve hair growth and balance out your natural oils. Some people try everything to get rid of dandruff (including shampoos) and find this to be the remedy!

Best Natural Dandruff Shampoos

Briogeo Scalp Revival

Although a bit spendy, Briogeo’s Scalp Revival shampoo is an amazing shampoo for anyone with dandruff. It gets rid of flakes and buildup fast, not to mention it smells delicious.

If you’re prone to dry hair, you won’t want to use this too frequently (and you’ll definitely want to use a deep conditioner afterwards).

Avalon Organics Scalp Normalizing Shampoo

Affordable and one of the top natural shampoo brands out there, Avalon Organics has a scalp-focused shampoo that’s one of our top choices. 

With tea tree and mint, this shampoo smells amazing and works even better. Like many other scalp shampoos, it may dry out your hair, so make sure to use a great conditioner or hair mask!

Packer’s Pine Tar Shampoo

Pine tar? Although it might not sound like something you want to put in your hair, it’s actually extremely beneficial for dandruff. 

This natural shampoo is formulated for scalp conditions like psoriasis, but it’s also great for those of us that can’t get rid of those pesky flakes. It deeply hydrates your scalp without drying out your hair.

Jason Normalizing Treatment Shampoo

Jason is a natural haircare brand that makes excellent formulas.

People love this normalizing treatment shampoo for helping with dandruff and balancing out their hair! They also have a dandruff relief shampoo that some users like better. 

Ethique Dandruff Shampoo Bar

Save plastic and your scalp with this shampoo bar!

This natural dandruff shampoo bar is formulated with neem and karanja oils, both of which have been used for ages in natural medicine to treat dandruff.

Yes to Naturals Tea Tree Shampoo

This tea tree shampoo is affordable and helps reduce build-up, resulting in less dandruff.

Say goodbye to your itchy scalp! It does have a bit of a rough texture, but it gets the job done.

Majestic Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Apple cider vinegar is another great ingredient to help cleanse the scalp and get rid of flakes. This one also comes with a conditioner to keep your hair soft!

They also have a Himalayan Salt shampoo that people love for dandruff.

Herbaliz Dandruff Shampoo

This top-rated shampoo for dandruff does a great job at eliminating dandruff, without any toxic ingredients!

It’s also not overly expensive, especially since a little goes a long way and you don’t need to use it daily (it may dry out your hair if you do).

The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care

This scalp-focused shampoo is formulated with ginger oil, a unique and powerful ingredients that does a great job at combatting flakes.

93% of reviewers would recommend this shampoo to their friends!

Carina Organics Sweet Pea Dandruff Shampoo

With no harmful ingredients and a heavenly scent, this shampoo from Carina Organics is another great natural dandruff shampoo.

According to the reviews, it didn’t work for some people, but others found it effective.

Final Note

We hope you were able to find the best natural dandruff shampoo for your scalp! While purchasing natural shampoos for dandruff are a great way to detox your scalp, some find it more effective (and cheaper) to test out easy DIY treatments with ingredients found at home. 

For example, an apple cider vinegar rinse does a great job at eliminating dandruff (simply mix one part warm water and one part apple cider vinegar, then rinse your hair). We like to do one cup each. And, like we mentioned before, make sure to try out a shampoo brush too!

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