12 Best Michael Kors Watches For Men + Women

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Last Updated: May 3, 2022

Michael Kors is one of our favorite watch brands in terms of quality, longevity, and price (as well as style, of course). Although they’re not the highest end of luxury, their watches will still make you feel luxurious without spending your rent (or more). But, when it comes to finding the best Michael Kors watches, it can be hard to choose from the vast selection. 

Michael Kors watches come in styles from simple rose gold styles for women, to more luxury runaway watches. Whatever you’re looking for, you can be confident that Michael Kors will have you looking professional, clean, and luxurious. 

To help you narrow it down, we’re going to share a few of the best Michael Kors watches for men and women to keep you in style no matter where you go. 

How much are Michael Kors watches?

Depending on the material and design, you can expect to spend anywhere from $130 – $250 on average for a Michael Kors watch. However, the price can definitely grow with some of their more luxury styles (such as their smartwatches).

12 Best Michael Kors Watches 

First, we’ll share a few top picks for women.


Whitney Gold-Tone Watch

This watch, crafted with stainless steel, is a modern design with a sophisticated touch that just screams elegance. It’s water-resistant, customizable, and lined with pave crystals along the bezel.

It’s luxury, chic, and makes the perfect gift to show someone how much you care about them (or just a self-care gift for yourself).


Ritz Black-Tone Watch 

This popular Michael Kors watch is all-black, refined, sleek, and clean with a dramatic design. There’s something about this watch that almost says empowerment. It’s made with stainless steel and gives a professional, classy look. 

Comfortable enough for everyday wear, this watch is everything you’ve been looking for.

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Mini Cinthia Pave Two-Tone Watch

This Michael Kors watch is where it’s at when it comes to a timeless look. It comes with a mother-of-pearl dial, Quartz/three-hand movement, sleek indexes, and a delicate sparkle. This luxury-style watch just screams class. 

Not to mention, it comes with a 33mm case, 2-year warranty, and water resistance up to 5 ATM.

Jaryn Silver-Tone Mercer Link Watch 

Moving onto a more simple (but chic) design, this minimalistic watch is far less flashy than those listed above. However, it still holds the same luxury feel. 

It comes with a gleaming silver-tone finish, a mother of pearl dial, and a thin bracelet band that’s accentuated with beautiful pave crystals. This petite watch makes the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.


Lauryn Pave Rose Gold-Tone Watch  

If you’re a fan of rose gold and jewels, this watch is for you. This best-selling Michael Kors watch truly blings like no other. It is stainless steel, comes with a mid-size fitting with a 38mm case, and an overload of Allover Pave for a look that almost appears like royalty. 

When they say, “shines bright like a diamond,” they are definitely talking about this watch.


Mini Lauryn Pave Two-Tone Watch

And lastly, this watch adds a touch of glamour to everyday life. This mini, silver-tone rose-gold watch comes with a genuine mother-of-pearl dial with sprinkled bits of pave Topring to add an even more luxurious touch. 

It also makes use of roman numeral indexes for a timeless look and feel. It’s chic, punctual, & a flattering addition for any woman. There’s a reason Michael Kors watch reviews rave on this beautiful piece!

Best Michael Kors Watches For Men

Moving on, here are a few of our favorite men’s watches from Michael Kors.


Oversized Gage Gunmetal and Woven Watch 

This top-selling watch is designed with a gunmetal, stainless steel body. It has a classy and refined look that men love. 

This watch makes use of a Quartz/chronograph mechanism and an oversized, fast-bucking system for more comfortable wear. It also pairs perfectly with a good suit, which is always a plus.


Gem 5 Bradshaw Pave Silver-Tone Smartwatch 

The Gen 5 Bradshaw Pave Silver-Tone Smartwatch is by far the best Michael Kors smartwatch. It’s crafted with silver-tone stainless steel, pave accents, and improved functionality.

It has updated speakers, GPS distance tracking (powered by Wear OS by Google), swim-proof features, and even a heart-rate tracker.

It’s easy, quick, interchangeable & is the perfect touch for a busy-body on the move.

Wren Pave Black-Tone Watch  

Another of the most popular Michael Kors watches is the Wren Pave. This watch pays attention to all the details! It features polished black-tone hardware, roman numeral time-stops, and chronograph mechanism. 

We love the rose-gold accent for a pop of personality. This is one of the most complimentary watches out there!

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Cortlandt Black-Tone And Leather Watch 

On the more inexpensive side of the spectrum, this watch has a black-tone stainless steel design with cherry red topstitching. The comfortable, high-quality leather band gives a casual touch. 

The Cortlandt also features Quartz/chronograph subdials and a tachymeter scale to create a polished, sophisticated look.

Oversized Layton Silver-Tone and Silicone Watch 

This oversized watch is expertly crafted from silver-tone stainless steel, then accented with a textured silicone black band and top. 

It also displays a tachymeter meant for measuring distance & speed for extra functionality. It’s simple, flattering, and sleek!

Oversized Kyle Red-Tone & Silicone Watch 

Lastly, when it comes to Michael Kors watch colors, this red-tone watch is a unique choice. With a deep, mesmerizing Spider-Man red tint, this watch is laid-back, yet extravagant at the same time. 

Not to mention, it also features a stainless steel case body with a flexible, textured back & clean polish. It’s the perfect watch for casual or business attire.

Bottom Line

Overall, there are many extraordinary options out there, but we believe these are the best Michael Kors watches currently available. So, whether you’re looking for something casual, sporty, elegant, or even refined, you can be sure Michael Kors has got your back & will keep you in style no matter what you wear.