8 Best Heated Socks to Stay Warm This Winter

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Last Updated: May 17, 2022

Heated socks are a great investment, especially if you have feet that are especially prone to the cold. Whether you want a battery-powered sock for extra warmth or a well-insulated sock to keep heat in, we’ve got you covered with the best heated socks. Keep reading to discover your next favorite pair!

Best Heated Socks


✅ Battery-Powered

Perfect for winter, these rechargeable heated socks have a small battery back that doesn’t get in the way, even in high-movement activities like skiing. They have three different temperature levels so you can reach your ideal heat level.

They’re available in black or grey as well as medium or large sizes.

SUTTOS Women’s Heat Insulated Socks

❌ Battery-Powered

These heat insulated socks don’t have a battery pack like the previous pair, but they’re specially designed to help keep your feet toasty warm. They’re also pretty cute!

Whether you wear these around the house or on a snowboarding trip, your feet will stay cozy and warm.

Grabber Foot Warmer (3-Pack) 

❌ Battery-Powered

These air-activated feet warmers offer 5+ hours of warming time. They’re comfortable in any pair of shoes! Plus, this 3-pack is pretty affordable at around $12.

Some people like these better than battery-powered socks, so you might want to give them a shot!

SNOW DEER Heated Socks

✅ Battery-Powered

These Snow Deer socks are another battery-powered option with raving reviews. The socks are made of premium cotton, with a high-quality battery pack that will last hours with each charge.

Your toes won’t feel a hint of cold with these bad boys!

NY Golden Fashion Thermal Socks

❌ Battery-Powered

These long heat-insulating socks are made of high-quality fabric. They’re beyond comfortable and keep your feet amazingly warm!

They come in a colorful 3-pack including pink, blue, and purple. They fit women’s sizes 5–11, so this pack should fit most. They’re also the perfect length, not too long and not too short!

Coolekom Heated Socks

✅ Battery-Powered

These battery-powered socks feel thick and cozy, with a small battery pack that doesn’t affect comfort. They have a few different heating settings that will keep you warm all day!

Note: These fit men’s sizes 8–12 and women’s sizes 10–13, so you might need to find a smaller size.

Hot Feet Heated Thermal Socks

❌ Battery-Powered

This pack of two is available in a few different colors. They’re affordable, comfortable, and perfect for any outdoor activity!

Although these are for men’s sizes 6 – 12.5, many women’s sizes can fit too. Simply subtract two sizes from your women’s size to get your size in men’s.

DG Hill Insulated Boot Thermal Socks

❌ Battery-Powered

Crafted with a bona fide acrylic material, you might just fall in love with these long-lasting heated thermal socks from DG Hill. They have amazing ratings, are comfortable, and fit perfectly.

Plus, they have an array of colors to choose from!

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