9 Best Fabric Scissors for Any Project

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Last Updated: October 22, 2021

Whether you fill your days with sewing projects or are new to the DIY world, a good pair of fabric scissors is essential. But, not any old scissors will do. You want them to be sharp and reliable. How do you pick the best fabric scissors?

We’ve done the research and testing for you to bring you the top scissors out there (most of which are pretty affordable)!

What to Look for in Fabric Scissors?

  • Sharp – Not only do we want our scissors to be extremely sharp right out of the box, we want them to remain this way for a long time.
  • Meant for Fabric – You may have the very best pair of scissors for paper, but this might not mean anything when it comes to fabric. You’ll want to find high-quality scissors that were designed specially for cutting fabric!
  • Longevity –  Any pair of scissors will eventually run its course, becoming dull and less reliable. However, high-quality pairs will last a lot longer, so we looked for scissors that lasted the longest.

Best Fabric Scissors

LIVINGO Scissors

These high-quality fabric scissors will make your next sewing project so much easier and headache-free.

These durable, strong scissors are easy to use and always provide accuracy. You want to be an expert sewer? You need these scissors. Plus, they have a cool rainbow sheen.

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Fiskars Orange Scissors

These orange scissors from the top sewing brand are a bright, helpful tool that you’ll always want by your side.

Accurate, precise, sharp, and easy-to-use, these scissors are right up your alley. 

Singer Fabric Scissors

Singer is a name you can trust when it comes to all things arts and crafts.

These fabric scissors are expertly made and will last for years, always providing the most accurate cut. Plus, they’re very friendly on your wallet!

Mr. Pen Fabric Scissors

These long scissors are made for professional tailoring, so you know you’re getting the best of the best. The soft grip handle ensures your hands are cushioned and comfortable, even throughout long projects.

You need these scissors if you want to make something special and top-of-the-line. 

KAI Dressmaking Shears

Talk about sharp! These 8-inch dressmaking shears are some of the best fabric scissors on the market.

Made to be durable and last forever, you’ll be reaching for these trusty shears again and again.

Pink Power Electric Scissors

Electric scissors? Those are a thing?

Why, yes they are. In fact, they’re a lot easier than regular scissors and are perfect for any hardcore crafters. These are rechargeable, cordless, easy-to-use, surprisingly sharp, and even include a 3-year warranty!

iBayam Multipurpose Scissors

This colorful pack of multipurpose scissors are perfect for any craft collection.

With comfort grips and ultra sharp blades, these are perfect for any project. The high-density steel design allows for smoother and sharper cutting, plus it helps them last longer!

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LIVINGO Heavy Duty Fabric Scissors

Made of high-density steel, these heavy-duty scissors are durable and stay sharp for a very long time.

They are a must-have for anyone who wants to take their next craft project seriously. Plus, they look luxurious!

Gingher Dressmaker Shears

Although one of the more expensive pairs of scissors, this is a brand that professionals use, so you know it’s the real deal.

These are perfect for long, solid cuts of fabric. When accuracy counts, you want these Gingher shears. It doesn’t get much better than these sharp and durable scissors!

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