Top Fashion Trends in 2022 – Miniskirts, Mesh, and More

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Last Updated: February 22, 2022

If there is anything we have learned during lockdown, it’s that fashion trends have changed drastically. People are becoming more comfortable to dress themselves in the clothing that they have always wanted. Fashion is having a revival right now, and many are finally expressing their emotions through their clothing. 

The runways this season have shown the new trends of comfortability, abstract patterns and have revived our feelings of nostalgia within fashion. 

We are here to show you how to stay up to date with the top trends of 2021. Many new trends have been popping up in the last year and now is the time for you to drape up in the newest patterns, colors and cuts. 


As we’ve seen in many of the runways for the fall/winter season, knit is very in. Specifically at Miu Miu, we saw lots of arm warmers, sweaters and cardigans. Rick Owens also presented many garments this season that involved comfortable knitwear skirts, dresses and tanks.

Fashion is now focusing on other materials that can be worn daily and provide the most comfort. Gone are the days of athleisure style clothing, nobody wants to squeeze into what’s in their closet anymore. 

Miu Miu Boucle Cardigan 

Rick Owens Lilies Knit Skirt 

Cher Bangs 

While there are a bunch of new hair colors and cuts that have taken over the fashion world by storm this year, the iconic fringe cut is totally the new do. Going along with the revival of mod fashion (which we’ll talk about later), Cher’s blunt cut bangs have made a comeback. 

We’ve seen the style on a few influencers, it is beginning to resurface on many different social media platforms. 


Tights are no longer a thing of the past. We are now seeing many different designers delve into the game with many different patterns and colors. They are now being seen as an accessory. 

Remember to size up, not down. You don’t want to rip your stockings and look like a mess! 


Pairing perfectly with the previously mentioned accessory, miniskirts are booming this year. It is the perfect piece for an outfit that is cute, relaxed and free. 

Miniskirts were first introduced in the 1960s, becoming a fashion forward trend that would last a lifetime. We’ve seen this trend on runways like LaQuan Smith and Miu Miu (once again, you never fail us Miuccia!). 


Mesh was another trend that we saw skyrocket in the 90’s. Since then, we’ve seen the style trickle in over the latest years. This year, I believe that mesh will go full takeover. Shirts, shoes, sleeves and dresses are now taking on the material. 

Many celebrities have been photographed in mesh ensembles lately, specifically Bella Hadid. She wore a vintage Nensi Dojoka piece to last year’s VMAs. 

Similar styles can be found here

Margiela Mesh Top 

Abstract Prints and Patterns 

We have been seeing many brands launch their new collections with patterns and prints that remind us of the 60s psychedelics craze. While this trend is coming back full swing, it is important that you know how to style it. 

A simple sweater with abstract print is perfect to pair with a solid colored miniskirt to spice up the look and stand out. Spirals, blobs and patterns that have no meaning will all be seen. 

Paloma Wool Soft Knit Sweater 

House of Sunny Abstract Print Trousers


The most famous stars of Old Hollywood were known for popularizing this accessory. It was a way to be stylish yet put together, it also bonuses in keeping your hair from looking a mess. This style will be a craze this summer, as we are already seeing many influencers use it on Instagram. 

Versace White Silk Scarf 

Large Sunglasses 

Paired perfectly with the previous trend, sunglasses are the best way to stay incognito. We will see more inspiration from the 60s, doing away with the micro sunnies we have been seeing for the last few years. 

The shape of sunglasses these past years have been small and dainty, barely giving us any coverage. Now we will see oversized glasses that will be high functioning and make anybody look insanely stylish. 

Miu Miu 2021 sunglasses 

Bottom Line

That sums up the top fashion trends of 2021. Whether you’re flashing bright colors or lounging at the pool in a headscarf, you’re bound to turn a few heads with any of these trends.


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